Create a new wallet

If you don't yet have a Sui Wallet, then create a new one. To import an existing wallet, see Import an existing Sui Wallet.

  1. Open the Sui Wallet extension in your browser and then click Get Started.

  2. Click Create a New Wallet.

  3. Under Create Password, enter a password for your wallet. This is not a global password for Sui Wallet. It applies only to this installation in this browser.

  4. Under Confirm Password, enter the same password to confirm it.

  5. Click the checkbox to accept the Terms of Service.

  6. Click Create Wallet.

  7. Copy the Recovery Phrase and store it in a safe location, then click the checkbox for I saved my recovery phrase.

  8. Click Open Sui Wallet.

Sui Wallet prompts you to enter your password when you open it after the first use.

If you lose access to your wallet, you can recover it only with the recovery phrase. If you lose the recovery phrase, you lose access to your wallet and any coins or NFTs stored in it.

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