S0 - NFT Membership

What is S0 NFT?

S0 is the NFT membership which launching by Shoshin Square. S0 NFT can allow the owner exclusive access the special place such as:

  • Launchpad special round privileges

  • Receive other NFT airdrop

  • Get role "S - citizen" in Discord

  • Use as a ticket in Activities event (raffle, minigame,etc.)

  • Used to launch a project in Shoshin for Creator


Total supply: 5000 NFTs

Deflation: 2 NFTs will be burned after 1 project launching in Shoshin

How to get S0 NFT?

There are 3 ways to get S0 NFT and receive full benefit of S0 holder

  • Mint in the public sale round

  • Join event in Twitter & Discord to receive airdrop

  • Buy NFT in Marketplace after public sale round ended

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