Shoshin Square

Welcome to Shoshin square

Utility-first NFT Marketplace & Launchpad on SUI network

Why is Shoshin Square?

Shoshin (初心) in Japanese means the first move.
Square is a place for discussing and buying/selling NFTs.
=> The project is named Shoshin Square , expecting to bring the first move for the next NFT generation - Utility and Digital assets.

What is Shoshin Square?

Shoshin Square is a Utility-first Marketplace and Launchpad which focus on Utility to make NFTs become digital assets of billions people in the world.
Shoshin Square provides the platform & ecosystem to support NFT project and satsify User by high valuable NFT collection with Utility:
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  2. 2.
  3. 3.
    Utility ecosystem
  4. 4.
    Contributor community
  5. 5.
    Economy system
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Why SUI?

SUI blockchain
SUI is a new layer 1 blockchain using Move programming language - Horizontally scalable, instant finality and low fees.
SUI announced their mission is Digital assets unlocked - Create more utility into NFTs and store directly on-chain
Shoshin Square believes in the growth of SUI infrastructure and community in the future with the mission Digital assets unlocked. Therefore, S3 first built on SUI.
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